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John Prine, Kendel Carson and Dustin Bentall


Oregon Zoo (map) Southwest
Sat., June 22, 7 p.m. 2013 All Ages

Oregon Zoo

John Prine's Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings—arguably one of the spottiest LPs in the prolific songwriter's dauntingly extensive catalog, in case you were wondering where not to start—was probably one of if not the only CD in my parents' car stereo for three years. As a result, Prine's tuneless squall supplemented every medium-to-long car ride within that period of time, and the aforementioned album remains among my first genuinely immersive experiences with "good" music, even if I didn't really have a choice in the matter (and even if it's far from Prine's best). But I appreciate John Prine infinitely more now that I'm (technically) an adult. I am older and contain an enhanced emotional palette; I am receptive to heartbreaking music because I know what it's like to have a broken heart. And listening to Lost Dogs again... I can't believe my parents didn't realize how depressing this shit is. At least I didn't hear Bruised Orange until I was 18. That really would have messed me up. MORGAN TROPER

Oregon Zoo

4001 SW Canyon Rd., Portland, OR 97231

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This event is in the past.
  • Sat., June 22, 7 p.m. 2013
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