All Music Events on Saturday 12/16

Hot Club of Hawthorne Music

SouthFork Northeast

McTuff, Trio Subtonic Music

Goodfoot Southeast $10

Spend the Night Music

The Liquor Store Southeast

Texadrine Music

O'Neill Public House Northeast Holiday Glam & Goth Ball Music

The Spare Room Northeast $10

Yardsss, Other Lights, Luna Vista Music

High Water Mark Northeast $8

Cam, Logan Mize Music

All Ages

Hawthorne Theatre Southeast $19.50-23

Piefight, The Toads, Dr. Something Music

Turn! Turn! Turn! North

Gabriel & Dresden, Jody Wisternoff Music

45 East Southeast $10-20

Pura Vida Orquestra Music

Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge North $10

D. Poetica Music

Swift Lounge Northeast

Josh Garrels, The Sing Team Music

All Ages

Revolution Hall Southeast $24-33

Violence Creeps, Toyota, Vog, Negative Option Music

The Know Northeast

Winter Bizzarre Fashion

Alberta Street Pub Northeast

Stumptown Soul Holiday Spectacular Music

Wonder Ballroom Northeast $20-25

Serial Killer, Raptor, Demon Hammer, Hallucinator, Order of the Gash Music

Twilight Cafe & Bar Southeast $13

Frontflip Music

Anarres Infoshop North

Aaron Meyer Music

All Ages

First Congregational Church Southwest $30-40

Baron Ward Music

Buffalo Gap Southwest

Deekline Music

All Ages

The Analog Cafe and Little Theater Southeast $10

Sober Rob, Quickly Quickly, Zero Tep, episcool Music

Paris Theater Downtown $10

Come as You Are '90s Dance Flashback Music

Crystal Ballroom Downtown $8

The Pearls, Travis Linville Music

White Eagle North $8

Will Hornyak Music

Artichoke Music Southeast $15

Lord Master, Rllrbll, Lucky Tigers Music

The Fixin' To North Free

Nite Wave: The Best 80s Party Ever! (So Far) Music

Star Theater Downtown $12-20

Erik Anarchy, Nuclear Nation, GFL, Covered in Spiders, Lovejoy Fountain Music

American Legion Local 134 Northeast $4

Micah & Me Music

All Ages

Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge North

The Geek Girls Holiday Show Winter Holidays

Books With Pictures Southeast $5-8

DJ Sweaty Technique Music

Paydirt Northeast Free

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