Everything as Fuck Aug 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Life Lessons and IKEA


If you promise not to explain why, STICK TO THAT. (Well, that and whatever else you happen to be sticking to at the time.)

Fuck tomatoes they know they nasty as fuck but they make an excellent garnish on sandwiches, wraps, and other hand held food items as well as take part in the construction of salsa.

WTF is this paradox?!
It's to bad you werent told the locations. I would have planned a okcupid date around all of this!
Please tell me you played a giant game of hide n' seek in IKEA.
Totes, cynics are never the smartest, hippest folks at a party (or anywhere). They are just afraid of failing or looking stupid hence the preemptive strike of cynicism. Epic fails and looking stupid both get way more laughs at parties and require less self absorption and more funtastical adventuring.

Ian, I am not offering a fig leaf, and I know you could care less about my opinion, but nice column this week. I appreciate the subject matter and the logic and progression throughout was super cohesive and fun to read. I don't just hate to hate. Keep it up.
Please stop this guy from writing....
Right, because it's our cynicism that is keeping us from riding our limos to Ikea.
The sound you just heard was Mick Orlosky missing the point entirely
Olive branch, not fig leaf. Talk about looking stupid...

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