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Haha! You were a jock in high school. Where's your indie-cred now?!?
I don't have any, I'm just some dude.
My favorite is when said Jock, is in Jock attire (helmet AND Pads) traveling at high speeds, while riding with no hands on the handlebars.

That's kinda the same as someone driving a car standing up with their head poking out of the sunroof. We never see that why? Because its fucking stupid, that's why. And dangerous, and sunroof drivers know that. Bicyclists (not all) are the worst, and the reason i say this is because you never see ghost-cars.
Haha! You were a jock in high school. Where's your indie-cred now?!?
There's also a "bicycle body" - it's the reverse of the guy who would only do upper body and never legs - it's someone with buff legs and a wet noodle upper body, and it's very common in Portland.

The "bike jocks" aren't jocks - they're thugs, thugs who always have a hand on their lock to smack a car or a pedestrian.

(And I have no indie cred, either - I played not one, but *two* sports in high school, and one in college.)
Haha! You wore a jock in high school. Where's your undie-cred now?!?
Give him a break guys, he's just some dude.
Heh, doorknobs.
Thank God all the anti-cyclist screeds are no longer strictly the domain of the I,A Rant Blog section or oregonlive.com? Cuz if it's one thing that hasn't been driven into the ground enough it is people complaining about other people on bicycles.
These guys and their indie cred. What does that mean anyway?
When I see cyclists weaving in and out of traffic, it tells me that far too many of them have watched and subsequently been inspired by the movie 'Quicksilver'.
Do skateboarders next!
Not all jocks/hardcore bicyclists are bad, guys. lol, ok maybe a large minority are. but it's because they're pretending to be in a race all the time and when they hit a red light they're forced to temporarily come back to reality...and it pisses some of them off.
I think throwing stones from behind the wall of righteousness in general is "Portland as fuck"

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