Extras Aug 7, 2013 at 4:00 am



Hope you reheated that big boy. Your middle class gut flora cant hack the kind of germ lobes that feed on a big old ball of fermenting kraft parmesan carbo-glucose.

Oh well you can just sweat all over during your shits and congratulate yourself on another pORtLanD AsSFucK.
Also, dogs. What's up with dogs?
yeah- there's alot of uptight parents in this area- to the point that it's funny- It never occurred to me that what I thought was a stick up their ******, was actually a rubics cube. Hmmmmmmm.
Yeah parents. If you''re going to smother your offspring with your inflated expectations at least get your daughters some ballet or dance lessons while they're growing up so they have a sense of rhythm when they inevitably start stripping.

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