Extras Aug 15, 2013 at 4:00 am

Not Excited


Glad you finally came out of the closet about all this shit. Too bad you had to wait until you're leaving town to feel comfortable enough to tell all of your entrenched douche bag friends or random judgmental strangers you find yourself around how you really feel but I hope it felt good.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go run a bath. I have painted my penis green and affixed googly eyes to the tip. Today is the day my bold Lego explorers will finally solve the mystery of the Lochness Monster.
Dont listen to him Karmel. I feel like you've saved the best for last. Sure its not A list stuff but its definitely going to blow Gallagher away down at the LA Comedy Club.
Remember its all in the Delivery!
I think the lines are partly to say you stood in a line for two hours. I still do not understand this, especially when some of the super popular spots are not worth waiting two hours for
I don't like pinball either, I completely understand the point, but, whereisthataerosmithpinballmachineanyone?
You're just shitty at pinball.
There is one place to play pinball, and that's Ground Kontrol on freeplay night.

Any other time and you're the weirdo leaving a group of friends at a bar to go do something by yourself OR the even bigger weirdo that has friends that gather around pinball machines. Or the biggest weirdo that goes to bars alone to play pinball.
You're preaching to the choir about NGaF about the Timbers here bro. Despite the fact that they are the hipster-friendliest pro sports team in the country - or the planet for that matter - the Merc only touches them because they happen to have a superfan in Gjurgs.
Anyway, see you at Screen Door on Sunday!

According to http://pinballmap.com/portland# there isn't one in the entire portland metro region.

and according to http://ipdb.org/ it doesn't exist.


Pretty much nailed my friends and I, if we are having fun who cares?
Well fuck, you just reminded me that you are one of the few Portland comics that consistently makes me actually laugh out loud. Now I'm just going to miss you that much more. It was a good run!
Well fuck it I'll play the AC/DC one then.
Leaky, that's a good one, there's one at the arcade in Seaside, back by the air hockey tables.
Why are you still here?!


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