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Namaste, bro!
Good luck, Ian. There's a great community of comics in LA, so be mindful and take time to notice that, because, er... the rest of it... Uh, Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt are particularly swell guys; try to get to know them if you can. I left there just in time to get to know your column, and though I'll miss it, for a comic I think you're making the right move. I hope your adventure is going to be a thrilling one, and I've really enjoyed reading you.

But dude. As Patton (another completely awesome human being to know) once said, it is an involuntary-sexual-relation-based economy down there. Really get into comedy, because you are gonna miss this place.
you are leaving?
Nothing about kale, eh? How soon we forget.
I've been a fan of both you and Ron since Helium opened up about three years ago and it was basically impossible to go to a show without seeing one or both of you. You both stood out back then, and have been honing your sets well since then.

You're a really funny fucking guy Ian. If you make it big, promise to start nudging all your producer friends to start filming up here so that Portland becomes a place comedians can move TO for their career, rather than moving AWAY. Know you can always come back, unless we ever see you in a Lakers hat and then you're fucking dead.

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