"I Resolved to Become a Stripper or Kill Myself"

An Excerpt from the New Book Magic Gardens (The Memoirs of Viva Las Vegas)


I wonder if she's dated David Bragdon
I can't believe I wasted 10 minutes of my day reading this. Crap.
I guess you can have your opinion, Blah, but you *did* read it, and I think it was pretty decently written. What did you want, more tittilation? Seems to me a nice window into the psyche of someone who is actually deciding whether or not to do this. We get a lot of stories of people who are already doing it, or the Sanctified Reformed who used to do it. This one looked pretty unique. Celebrate the diverse world around ya for once.
Please tell me this is not one of many installments.
Glad to know she's finally getting the book published; great writer with something different to say from a good independent perspective (neo-feminist - kowtowing to neither the patriarchy nor the matriarchy that sought to replace it). Based upon this excerpt, I'll be buying the book.
Man, did that make me hungry. Luckily, the excerpt provided me with everything I need to know about scamming for free food.

"Hey, look at that dude, is he taking a shit?"

"Nah, bro, he's grinding for totchos, Viva Las Vegas style."
Well, that is incredibly rosy take on the industry. "A dollar for a smile" ...if only it was that easy. I myself danced for 17 years and know personally many of the women mentioned above, and I can assure you that no one who strips for a decent length of time gets away with their emotional health intact....if it was intact to begin with. The process of being a stripper requires an amazing amount of detachment and denial of your emotional reality. A slippery slope, you simply turn off any feelings or intuition that could cause you to question your chosen profession and the iron clad belief that you are a naked goddess who by no means is degraded or exploited. You justify your choice by railing against society, spouting feminist dogma, and shaking your fist at the "uptight conservatives" who dare question why you would do such a thing...all the while losing touch with your original motivations and your sense of self.
I don't know many strippers who are happy with themselves, and if they are they quit. Myself included.
The truth is much uglier than dancers will have you know. Maybe Viva gets to that later...but I doubt it. That wouldnt be as entertaining and empowering.
Listen to Viva's recent interview with Heron & Crane!!!!
For more of Viva, her writing and interviews visit her site www.vivacide.com
Listen to Viva's recent interview with Chris Gondek from Heron and Crane


For more on Viva visit her website at www.vivacide.com!!!
HA HA "neo-feminist" my ASS! What a joke.
just curious...
What is your day job?
You wouldn't per chance be one of those bland, fat fashionless people,
finding it difficult to appreciate a dynamic, colorful story,
written by a beautiful woman who would only notice you if you paid her?
Awesome, casual fat-phobia. Well done, female.
I read 1/6 of it. What tripe shit. I now hate the Oregonian, Portland Tribune, Portland Mercury, and every local TV station in Portland. WW site design grates my eyes. What to do?
yes shakling youra ss in front of losers for a dollar si so empowering to women...kinda thought this article was propaganda..no offense...
okay just curious...how is reducing your self to being objectified solely on your physical assets and shoving your coochie in some drunk slobs face fora dollar empowering?
Interesting read sort of... weird how it starts out saying there are no bad things about stripping and that it's not exploitative, but ends with stories about stringing guys along for food and drinks then a brief mention of her "stripper mom's" morning crises and crying at the bar.
Dear "My My",

Please feel free to write your own installment once you hava a link,and at least one friend. How dare you dis someone that at least makes an effort to communicate a "person-ality", while you edit and re-edit your thoughts to make them seem more "Likeable". I mean hopefully, you are not one of those people that get off squashing other people's ideas whilst, having none of your own. "Show me the Pink baby"! Where's your book?

Wow. I do see your point. I guess a strip club is not a dynamic work environment. Let's form a "Mastermind Meet-up" and discuss. Really - - what work environment is "ever so-fascinating"? I mean really. Please, tell me what work environment isn't about kissing ass and dumbing down? This is just a more sexy version of "The Oriface"...I mean "The Office".
there are so many things wrong with this i cant name them all.

no seriously, this is really bad. like journalism school newspaper bad.

like, as bad as watching Viva Las Vegas get on stage at mississippi studios and tunelessly fumble through an acoustic version of 'blackbird'

oh wait, that actually happened