Portland as Fuck



Guess they rejected your first draft, "Fuck Winter!"
That was unkind of me, sorry. Maybe I has a SAD.
If you'd "liked" my first comment sooner, whoever-you-are, I wouldn't've gone all wishy-washy. Damn you.
Thank you! I'm here all week. Try the vegan veal.
The proper English for this statement, "For a while, our disgusting weather is charming because y'all stylish motherfuckers can wear your pea coats, thick Irish sweaters, drink tea, and almost buy The Bell Jar...", should be "all y'all".
I'm sorry, but I think we fought a war back in 1776 to make sure that I don't have to give a GOOD GOD DAMN ABOUT THE PROPER ENGLISH. If you want to talk about Modern English, I'll stop the world, but until then y'all red coats can drink harbor tea.
For those of you with an blocker there's always this - maltball.strangertickets.com

Other than that, you might be right.
Actual English people often do not speak very good english themselves
Showstopper is 100% correct. I've been in Liverpool for a year+ now and literally had to learn a different version of English. The Northwest England version. Over here couch=settie, bun=barn, sandwich=buttie, lunch=dinner and dinner=tea(wtf???), hospital=hossi. I could go on and on. The most annoying thing...saying 'like' at the end of every other sentance!
@ sacklash & Showstopper:

slang and "good english" are two different things. slang isn't 'incorrect' -- it's slang.
I'm a little worried. You see, Fred Armisan may have invaded my dreams in general talking to all women as some alien species while being crazy offensive, but since hes' forgiven and very Michael ian Black in his comedic style, I will really be happy as hell to see him imitate Kat Williams, this season, if he does, because I hope he does. Thats whats different about Portland, its not like in Alabama or Florida, where these virtual temoer tantrums are seen n the cold streets of decorations ville, or where the baristas drinking chardonnay and chewing xanaxes have taken my ideals and just gelled ouyt while panicking what to do about the selection of individuals to assist.
Picking and choosing and figuring out which girl to call from the magazine left in the corner of MARYS' is one thing, but having music and sentences be avoided as well as the all too common, I don't dig sports talk from the fellas, this sorta becomes a mecca of MAN, she really is some anomorporsis hermaphrodite with a wild smile and wince trrying so hard Not to look like the Grimace character from MCdonalds while identifying the mcnuggets in the crapper and the broth from the appendix in her cup of coffee.