8 Women
3614 SE Hawthorne, 236-8878
This lingerie-oriented store stocks Boudoir Bebe (lingerie and loungewear for women and girls) Cerie (women's lingerie), plus handbags and jewelry (Laura Whittaker) from local creators.

Buffalo Exchange
1420 SE 37th, 234-1302
Ye old standby for mining your way through the vintage wilds.

Local 35
3556 SE Hawthorne, 963-8200
Featuring super-wearable designs from Makool (skirts, sweatshirts, and shirts), Sameunderneath (sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, and scarves) Akadia (men's T-shirts), Adam Arnold (handmade women and men's shirts, sweaters, skirts, and ties), Ductbill (duct tape wallets), Monsieur T. (T-shirts, men's and women's clothing), Soap 73 (men's and women's printed shirts) Snap (bags), Blacktooth (T-shirts), Holden (women's clothing), Blank On Blank (men's and women's T-shirts).

1740 SE Hawthorne, 234-5459
A women's clothing store specializing in Oregon designers defined by the style of its two co-owners' lines, Dervish (dresses, skirts, and tops) and Ipseity (women's clothing).

The Redlight
3590 SE Hawthorne, 963-8888
Vintage clothing paradise that also features newer stuff, like Junk Food (remade vintage tees), Seven, Diesel (denim), and Flood (hats and dresses).

Imelda's & Louie's Shoes
3426 SE Hawthorne, 233-7476
Shoe store that also carries independent lines of accessories, like Dean (watches and handbags), Rhonda Kelly (earrings and necklaces), Faryl Robin (shoes), Gola (sneakers), and Detny (fashion sports shoes).

New American Casuals
326 SE Morrison, 294-0445
Tucked under the Morrison Bridge, the former Pokerface is a Portland staple for casual and sporty designs. They have a huge selection including Dunderdon (Swedish workwear), J. Shoes (exotic leather), Surface 2 Air (clothing designed by a French art collective), Andrea Crawford (local ladies' fashion), and Hyphen (Euro-flash collection).

628 E Burnside, 236-7788
Adorable boutique with a great selection and range of prices. Includes goods from Wooden Mustache (skirts and dresses), Industry (Canadian brand doing jackets and sweaters), Lilo (lingerie), Oligo Tissew (jeans), and Irregular Choice (shoes).

1115 SE Division, 236-5544
One of the many vintage stores haunting Southeast, Betsy's has a great, eclectic selection.

$3 Clothing Warehouse
13844 SE McLoughlin Blvd, 496-0875
It sounds too good to be true, but this vintage warehouse actually sells every single item for only $3, whether it be a dress, a pair of pants, or shoes. Speaking of which, they have a ton of $3 cowboy boots.

Glamour Gallery Vintage
3415 SE Belmont, 231-0888
This relocated hole in the wall specializes in accessories like sunglasses and cool vintage shoes, especially if you're a sucker for vintage platforms.

Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique
2515 SE Clinton, 230-2899
Vintage clothes for the Clinton St. set!

Adam Arnold Studio
727 SE Morrison, By appointment only, 234-1376
Adored Portland designer Adam Arnold is known for his impeccable tailoring. While his clothes are available in a number of stores around town, serious buyers can make an appointment for a private studio shopping session.