There is one magical little fashion show wedged in on a week crowded with holiday sales events: R.A.W. lingerie is debuting their 2012 lingerie collection, titled "Psyche" (as in the Greek word for both "butterfly" and "soul," not "psyyyyyche!!") this evening at Branch and Birdie, 8 pm. It's one of designer Rio Wrenn's most inspired collection, IMHO—you can read more about the collection and Wrenn's natural dyeing techniques (she is foremost a textile designer) in this week's Sold Out column, where there are two bonus photos to supplement the one we had room for in the print edition. For even more eye candy, the complete lookbook for the collection is now up on the R.A.W site to coincide with the show. It's gorgeous—not only the pieces, but the shoot altogether, by Blueglair, is well worth a perusal.