Although I've been patting my back for being ahead of the game this year on holiday shopping, last-minute Christmas shopping is kind of fun. I even semi-manufactured an errand for myself yesterday just so I could enjoy the busy buzz of downtown retail. Now that I'm solidly over-budget, though, I really need to chill, but if you're still looking for a few final touches or—bless you—preparing to blow your wad in one spectacular panicked swoop, there are a smattering of final sales events cropping up this week. Foremost you'll recall that Adam Arnold's sale still has a gasp left of it, but tomorrow is the very last day. Two new ones:

Eclexion Boutique's "Super, Huge, Outrageous, Sale” is running all the way to the very ultimate last minute, Wednesday through Saturday. A perfect stop for adventurous young ladies in your life, they have $5, $10, $20, and $30 gifts, 70% off a ton of their clothing and buy-one-get-one accessories.

Fun girl stuff at Eclexion.

—Soothe your nerves with a happy hour shopping event at Katie O'Brien's (2809 NE Sandy) December Sip N Shop this Wednesday from 4-7 pm, featuring Dawn Crooks of Poppy Fields Vintage Clothing, Kelly Cole of Blue Bird Sewing, Mary Kozlov of Bitter Heart Jewels, Maureen Bullis jewelry, Endi Clark hair accessories, Cynthia Fox jewelry, Erin Maye's "rocking server aprons," and Jasmine Rain clothing and accessories.

Stay tuned for the deluge of post-holiday sales for you to blow your bonus on!