2012 started off rough for Shop Adorn. Like really rough. On the morning of January 2, there was an electrical fire that badly damaged the shop. Since then, they've been busy getting back on their feet (Rising from the ashes one might say. Hahaha. Ha.), and this week they're having a "fire sale" (see, their sense of humor remains intact, unlike yours) of merchandise salvaged from the disaster, (it's been professionally cleaned). This means yet another opportunity to grab some of Pendleton's the Portland Collection at up to 80% off, plus other brands like Prairie Underground and Paige Denim. Proceeds will go to fund the shop's eventual rebuilding. It's being hosted at Barile Wine and Beer on Sunday from 1-5 and again on Monday from 10 am-5 pm.

The rebuild in progress
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  • The rebuild in progress