Reminds me of My Pet Monster.
At those prices, it's probably just an anti-theft device.
Lindy West is going to shit her large pants over these.
It is from My Pet Monster, right down to the colorway. Check out .

These are the kind of issues that highlight the sorry state of discussions pertaining to racism in this country. There are actually real racists out there doing real shitty things, yet people choose to get offended by a shoe.
Looks like an Adidas parody by Adbusters or Mad Magazine. Which is probably what the designer was going for.
Nothing racist here! They're quirky and lighthearted! And I certainly don't care about some random, faceless people in Indonesia or wherever, or what they were paid to make the shoes, under what conditions, or what kind of labor my purchase supports. Racism, are you kidding? Just gimme my unsightly purple and orange sneakers with huge logos.
We really need to develop better terminology to describe things that are not racist, but are kind of racist or at the very least merely racial.

That said, the Jeremy Scotts and Gwyneth Paltrowes of the world are the wrong people to focus our outrage on--especially when real racists like this guy are lurking around:…
First of all, they are ugly and stupid. Second, I'm not surprised they are being interpreted that way, though I very much doubt it was intentional. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
The design is hideously offensive, in that I am offended by how hideous they are.
My god, these shoes are fucking ugly. And everyone i know (including my 'hood' little sis) would say the same thing.

Yet, if someone put these ugly-ass shoes on eBay for $1200, rich fucks in Japan and Sweden would snatch them up like the last remaining gold bonds.
Rich fucks in Japan and Sweden are what makes the world go round. Global citizens with an eye for fashion will always be the coolest.

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