Never let it be said that the Merc doesn't love it some Planned Parenthood: On August 9, at PNCA, yours truly will co-present The Pink Carpet Project, a fashion show benefiting the bringers of sexual healthcare to everyone, regardless of age, income, persuasion, or identity. Backing me up is the Mercury itself, serving as the event's media sponsor, and as such we have the opportunity to grant two tickets to the show to one lucky winner. All you gotta do to enter is check out the @mercuryspam Twitter page (points for honesty?)—which basically doesn't tweet about anything other than giving you shit for free, unlike your other running-at-the-mouth Twitter friends always wasting your time—and look for this one:


Now do what it says, and you're done, unless you want to cross your fingers for good measure. Can't hurt.