Maybe you are not into the holiday cheer and more focused on how fucking cold it is this year. In that case, maybe The Incorporated's #coldestwinter campaign is for you. It's in honor of the Portland streetwear brand's second collection and "an illustration of what it means to be young, unheard and hungry." They've been gradually unrolling it over the course of this month, along with a couple lookbook videos. The standout to me is this smudgy white and purple sweatsuit: "Released in memory of Chad Butler, who died December 4th, 2007, the 'RIP Pimp C' Sweatsuits are a response to the growing use and promotion of the “purple drank” culture and the lack of actual medical information that is available to the youth. By putting it on a sweatshirt rather than a bottle, we can incorporate important health education into an on-trend street wear garment."

Their other lookbook video, featuring printed vintage flannels, is up over on MOD.