Fashion Oct 21, 2015 at 4:20 pm

German Madrigal Is the 2015 UpNXT Winner


Re: "common woes like a lack of material resources and infrastructure". For unique creative talents to grow and thrive in the Pacific Northwest there needs to be nurtured an economically supportive population and fashion-forward culture. If the likes of Amazon and Microsoft can do it, why not the fashion industry?
Because 97% of apparel sold in the US is not made in the US. We don't have the infrastructure or the skilled workers. I hope to see that change, but it's not as easy as Microsoft who relies in IP for their product. And Amazon, which doesn't make anything, they just sell wares. Apparel isn't even similar to other things that are manufactured, add 10 more pitfalls, and business where you are thanking your maker for letting them be your client.

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