In its five years of pairing local and national indie music, the Lose Yr Mind festival has never had a bad lineup. Liz Elder, who handles the show bookings for the Liquor Store, has her finger on the pulse of the Portland music scene. Among the heavy hitters of this year’s fest included MELT (one of my favorite local bands), Kyle Craft (such a fun live performer), Jacuzzi Boys (from Miami), and L.A. Witch (from... you guessed it, LA). 

But you know why I’m here: to talk about what people were wearing! And deciding what to wear to shows like this is tougher than you might think! Should I dress for the occasion by throwing on a leather jacket and just blending in, or go out of my way to look like I somehow don’t belong? I remember when I first started going to shows, I’d stare at the older girls, who were able to pull off dressing up while still looking punk. Now that I’m 37, not much has changed, except now it’s my job to take photos of all those people that I use to admire from afar. Whether I look like a poser or not, I’m now making these people pose. Oh, the irony!

xoxo, PP