Fade to Light—the twice-yearly fashion show dedicated to local designers pushing boundaries—hit the runway last week at the Crystal Ballroom, and as always, delivered thought-provoking designs demonstrating the depth and creativity of Portland’s fashion houses. Altar brought classic, fun chic to the runway with a fall-inspired palette of golden moss and slate blues. The splashes of vibrant color and lively, fitted evening wear provided by PanAfrican Hip demonstrated smart global awareness. Chuck’s Lab (helmed by Charlie Ryan) and Portland Fashion Institute leaned toward futuristic athleticism, while Mahina Luna provided a master class in colorful active wear and swimsuits with a sexy edge. Meanwhile, Sonia Kasparian’s Urchin line stole the show with fantastical garments that could have easily been transported from a different (and far more stylish) dimension. The evening was yet another success for a long-running show and a fashion scene whose creativity is seemingly inexhaustible.

Veil & Valor:

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