Often I’ll ask you, reader, to suggest events you think I should be covering. And with that in mind, thanks to Christina Bevans for pointing me to the exact place I wanted to be last weekend. A boss in her own right, Christina is married to Christopher Bevans, creative director at local brand DYNE, who just so happened to be the guest moderator for a conversation with OG streetwear creator Bobby Kim. You may know Kim better as Bobby Hundreds who started the Hundreds brand wayyyyyy before any of us knew what Supreme was, and wayyyyyy before anyone was making money off streetwear, and WAYYYYYY before streetwear was in Paris Fashion Week! Bobby and Chris couldn’t have been a more perfect match, easily chatting with each other about Bobby’s new bestseller This Is Not a T-Shirt in front of an enthusiastic (and well-dressed) crowd at Powell’s Books. Bobby covered topics such as creating a brand that can eventually turn into a curse, as well as other lessons he’s learned from being a first-generation Korean American who went to school to be a lawyer before getting into fashion. Thanks to Powell’s, Chris Bevans, Bobby (of course), and Christina who pointed me in the right direction. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday afternoon. xxoo PP