The Birthplace of Homelessness

How Old Town Became Portland's Primary Homeless District


Southeast Portland, close in, used to be all shanty town. Tin shacks in fields of deep mud.
It never used to rain in Portland. Foster Road was a dirt path through a forest of giant, old growth fir. Back then, there was a continual light, fine mist, but not rain, until they cut down all the trees; my grandmother recalled.
Good article. You should continue with the various mayors' homeless plans, Transition Projects and Outside In. This was shot in the Ace Hotel when it was an SRO.…
as technology took hold of the production/ construction world laborers lost their usefulness and their leverage thereby allowing the people owning the technology to set the new standard; close the brothels, cut your hair, and do customer service (for me) or sleep outside where I'll call the cops on you... No wonder they'd rather sleep outside.