Dating State of the Union

Is Dating in Portland a Dream or a Disaster? Local Experts Dish on Their Experiences and Bust the Assumptions.


Loved the article, even tho I'm twice the age of the OLDEST person you interviewed. "CIS" and "IRL" notwithstanding - whatever they mean - I laughed out loud, as I perfectly related to some of the situations described. The desire for romance never has to die, at whatever age we find ourselves, so a follow-up article dealing with people over 40 would be good. I would be happy to supply acronyms from my generation, though your readers will have to sleuth their meanings, just like I'm having to do with cis and irl! (BTW, fun single ladies over 60 - FSLO60 - who want a date with me, just contact Portland Mercury Singles desk - PMS - and they will take care of the rest.)
As a person who has never been on a date that was initiated on the internet and has never dated in the Portland scene, none of these answers surprise me. Good luck Portland singles, life does get better. Especially when the threat of STD's is gone.
Dear Portland Mercury,

Please bring back the "I Saw U"s! I actually had success reconnecting with 2 or 3 missed connections via that column, plus everyone I know looked forward to reading them every week. I'm of course referring to the printed column, as the online version was kinda lame.