Is Portland Berning?

Sanders Supporters in Oregon, Not Ready to Face Political Mortality, Hand Their Candidate a Win


The Portland Mercury supporting Bernie Sanders, at this late date in the electoral calendar, when he has no chance of winning the nomination, is the equivalent of bailing water INTO the boat as we sail into battle with the forces of Trumpism. It might feel good riding your alt-weekly high horse, but if Trump wins in November, you'll sink with the rest of us. (And why are you on a horse at the same time that you're on a boat, anyway?)
A good article, but seriously, do yourself a favor and look into what happened at the Nevada Convention before recycling the death threat garbage. No chairs were thrown - one upset man picked one up, before a couple people calmed him down and gave him a hug (*gasp*). There is video of this. There is also no evidence that the alleged "death threats" were actually sent by any Sanders supporters. There is, however, a pro-Clinton PAC called Correct the Record which has been constantly trolling, threatening and harassing Sanders supporters, and based on their recent behavior, there is a high likelihood they fabricated those threats.

Shots were fired into the Nevada Bernie office. A pro-Clinton celebrity, Wendell Pierce of "The Wire," just assaulted a female Sanders supporter. There have been no Sanders supporter assaults on anybody. There has been hardly a peep over any of this, but who does that surprise?

Do yourself another favor and learn what actually happened at the convention, how the Chair twisted rules around to exclude delegates and give Clinton a lead. Watch the video footage. You will understand why everybody, including Clinton supporters, got so mad:…
The merc is getting pretty obvious in its old age. Like an old man yelling at the neighbors to turn down their devil music. Just another thing in life that has turned biased. I need a drink!