Is Your Band Sexist, or Are Womxn Just Annoying?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Let’s Find Out!


"Creative colonizers" - can't boil it down further than that!
It's funny, I remember a time when I thought musicians were automatically outsiders from society but now I see tons of indierock so devoid of originality it has to piggyback off someone else's real struggles and identities to garner a fanbase while pushing those very people out of the scene - and that's the squarest possible perpetuation of the patriarchy through supposedly "alternative" channels.
Let's not be lazy with our intersectionality by replacing 'women' with 'womxn'. It's not intersectional to lump all 'non-cis-white-men' together; it's assimilating and erases the different forms of oppression that we face. This is especially apparent when we talk about the ways that sexual exploitation and the body intersect with our experiences of gender (i.e. talking about female anatomy needs to be talked about as specific to females, such as the exploitation of female bodies for the sake of male musician's careers as mentioned in this article). We know that self-identified non-binary male bodied folks that present as male aren't subject to the same sexist belief that their objections to sexism, or as bluntly put in this article: "women being annoying", are just an expression of their shrill nature. We know that women--not all 'non-cis-men'--experience this misogyny.
Alex, I'll say, 'What are the reasons why Trump won election?" for $100.
How does one pronounce "womxn?"
Is it just a homophone?
You forgot Spokane punk band Itchy Kitty!
Just a head's up for the Mercury: Women is misspelled in the headline. You're welcome.
No mention of Anal Cunt?

I love this somewhat satirical tear-down. Zoot Woman will always rock as a band name though.
Did you check if all the members of all those bands are cis, or is that an assumtion? [Yep, all were checked.—eds.]
"Is Your Band Sexist, or Are Womxn Just Annoying?"

Since when are those mutually exclusive?
I think Black Pussy is a dumb band name for a lot of reasons. Some of which are mentioned in this article some of which are just because I think it's a shitty band name (even and/or especially for a name that's trying to be edgy). However, my question is what would happen if a bunch of women of color started a band called White Dick? IDK, how others would react but me and my straight, cis, white dick would be at their shows cause hopefully they'd have some real shit to say.
People have been trying to censor rock 'n' roll since Elvis shook his hips on Ed Sullivan. The more you label a band offensive, the more interest they tend to garner. The writers make some good points, but I'm not sure anything but the listeners' market can really change any of this since every all male band with a potentially offensive name has enough women supporting it that basically don't care. And I've given an honest listen to a number of feminist rockers, and even they sometimes say some pretty offensive things to those of us not inclined to the scatological. So I guess there is no other solution than a Pussy Riot.
Be soft. Hail Satin. Hell, start a band called, "Satin Pussy" or a nail salon called "Finger Bang"... the world is your oyster... or... get your panties in a bunch about what others say and write it out. Either way, yeah, words are powerful, but the most important thing is what they mean to you and how you use them, because really, ultimately, they don't mean shit when you don't give them that power.
"I think people love monsters. And so when they get a chance, they want to see them. It's people projecting their fears. They want the reassurance that they know who the bad people are, and it's not them. So, maybe that's what it is; we're all afraid. And fear makes people crazy."
You might want to let that last sentence sink in.....and Hymen Holocaust is an amazing name for a band!
I appreciate the time you put into contacting every member of every band on this list and confirming that they were cisgender. Most articles about assigned males who call themselves "girls" onstage and/or off include at least a few people who are non-cis. But yours doesn't, and that's fine ... you're not a bigoted asshole, so you checked, and that's what you found out. Right?
Oh wow, nothing says Rock and Roll like some censorship and moralistic brow beating.
If this place were a bar, a bar stool would sail right into the glasses and bottles, lofted violently and unapologetically by yours truly.

Thanks for perspective- provocative for sure. Authors might consider more careful vetting of these bands on your list before blindly dumping them in the Feminist Against pile because they use a word you don't like. Example: Skank Bank- is a ska band; skanking is a ska dance move hailing from at least the 60's or earlier. Not tossing baby with bath water and I'm not defending every band on the bad boy list, but this one kinda puts a pin in your cred.
I agree that many of the names on the list are not inherently offensive just because the allude to the feminine gender. The ones that imply violence and/or degradation do suck, and I wouldn't be caught dead at those shows or the venues that support them. To truly make a difference though articles like this need to be aimed at the audiences that should think twice about supporting these bands because you'll never convince these guys that their band name and cultural attitude is offensive and needs to be changed.
Wow. I'm just glad to see this subject even addressed! Thank you, Ciara Dolan, Kim Selling and the Portland Mercury.
As a female musician in the Portland music scene I find this article to be comical. I had a female "music critic" refer to me as "pretty bassists" and that's it. Sit down and think about the real issue. Shout out to LOW CUT CONNIE for making the list, those cis (from what i know) dudes rule!
I mean I'm all for sexy band names, but some of those presented in the article were over the top!
Smffxy there was a band like that. Throbbing Gristle
Ween, Mother Love Bone, Mothers Of Invention,
Molly Hatchet, Flogging Molly, Hester Prynne, Sisters Of Mercy, and the one that makes me want to punch someone the most: Joy Division
Love this article.
Let me get this straight:

You "checked" they're cis?


Someone questioned gender norms in a way that makes you want to act "annoying" ... and on this basis, you felt entitled to "check" if they're "cis"? And those who did not meet YOUR arbitrary standards for what kind of fluidity counts or is real ... you shamed as moral inferiors?

This is what a bigot does. You're not annoying, you're bigots.

One time: You have no authority, knowledge or place to "check" someone's gender identity to "decide" if they're a social or moral threat. Not if you're a parent, not if you're a Republican, not if you're Christian, not if you're womxn.

Didn't publishing an article whose only purpose is to morally condemn people who contradict their assigned gender give you any sort of twinge given the current administration in Washington? Some of them would love to follow your lead, with bathroom and career choices, not just band name choices. You are part of the problem. You normalize the question.

One of your fans straight up said a man identifying with some form of female "makes (them) want to punch someone." You're OK with this?
Skank Bank is a ska band, so I'm thinking they mean it as the dance, not the slur.
rock n roll was invented by men and all the best musicians to have ever lived are men. there are good women singers, but really, you need to get back to knitting some ear muffs so that your sensitive little ears dont get offended by us big boys. rock on DUDE