Deliverance Interrupted

A Vancouver Music Company Tried to Release New Music from Prince. They Didn’t Get Very Far.


My husband and I met one of the guys from RMA when we were out to dinner one night several months ago here in Vancouver. The guy talked our friggen ears off about this whole thing and never had I met more of a name-dropper than him. He played the song over the restaurant's system for us, saying it was the first time anyone from the public would be hearing it. Admittedly, it was really exciting to get to listen to it and the song was enjoyable, but the whole thing was so fishy to me just the same. I couldn't help but take everything he told us with a grain of salt (mainly because of the name-dropping; a sure sign of insecurity and the need for validation). I will echo what Ham says, however, in that this guy seemed genuinely and legitimately excited about this project and what he likely thought was going to be his big industry breakthrough. I had wondered a time or two about what was happening with this since then. Glad my skepticism wasn't totally off track.