These Are Our Demands

When It Comes to #MeToo and Misogyny, Stop Asking Us If It's "Really That Bad" and Start Doing Something About It


Hey CD! At the risk of mansplaining, do NOT place your keys in your palm all Wolverine like. It looks cool, but iIn the event you do have to hit someone, the keys will do some serious damage to your palm. Amazon sells keychains that have better self defensive equipment attached that will do more damage to your attacker, and zero damage to your hands. Also, sorry this is even a discussion that is needed.
The problem is, you don't get to make demands. Simply being the most angry person in the room does not get you anything. The snarky, petulant thing might get you a lot of reblogs on your tumblr, and earn you the nods of every blue/pink/purple/green haired, thick-rimmed-eyeglass wearing grrrl in your general vicinity, but few people outside of your hugbox bubble are going to take this kind of rhetoric seriously.

If you are interested in real change, then be realistic. If not, keep spouting off the radical feminist buzzwords and talking points, and you will keep getting little more than empty words and nods.