News Jul 25, 2018 at 4:00 am

He Could Be Killed If He's Sent Back to Russia. So Why Won’t a Portland Judge Let Him Stay?



My heart is broken. There are no adequate words to respond to such heartlessness...


Having worked on a number of asylum cases as part of a fellowship immediately out of law school, the system is awful, and most of the judges are wretched assholes who look for any and all reasons to deny what should be legitimate claims. You might luck out and get one of the good judges, but in most cases the amount of evidence does not matter.

Further complicating the issue is that you need "proof" of likely or imminent persecution, which generally requires expert reports, studies, etc. Those take a long time, and frequently are impossible in parts of the world where conditions are the worst.

The U.S. has been on a long, downward slide with regards to sane and humane immigration policies, and our shitstain president is intent on making a bad situation even worse.

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