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How Portland Music in the ’90s Set the Table for Decades to Come



Nice artwork- not a single woman pictured. No penis, no picture.


Who is paying the Merc and WW to NEVER EVER EVER mention Thee O in articles about 90's Portland? Sure, every single one of them mentions the X-Ray Cafe which operated from 1991-1994, but none mention Thee O that operated in the same exact space, booking the same shows with same bands, same crowds from 1994-1997.


Nate - I was wondering the same thing. We played Thee O and had a blast.


This article is flawed. Why do you purposely avoid mention of the single most successful band from Portland and from the X-Ray Cafe, the Dandy Warhols? Are you still mad at Courtney? Without the Dandys this article is meaningless, really. The Dandys defined Portland to the wider world, like it or not, and were the most important band in the city in the 90s.


While a somewhat informative story, it is like looking at a rainbow and seeing only one color. In early and late 1990's there were quite a few successful bands generating a lot of income, selling a lot of well produced albums and/or CD's on there own dime. There were bands playing to literally 1000's of people in the Portland area every week. The Oregonian would list the top 10 best selling local Cd's in the A&E section. They also had writers reviewing local music performances. Sub-Pop seemed secondary compared to the great indie record labels in the Portland area. S.P. Clark has a pretty good synopsis of this period in Portland music in his History of Portland Rock
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one thing not ever mentioned in any article is how important La Luna was to the scene because of size. there's been a great vacuum because of not having venues of that capacity available to local acts. this hurts the music community more than anything. please, somebody open a 500-1,000 capacity place with an ear to local!

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