No more Kate.


Hardesty will be an utter train wreck. People should have learned their lesson last time around with a "fight for the little person" candidate like Chloe Eudaly, who has proceeded to do fuck all and actively makes things worse for our city. Smith isn't great, but she's light years better. And I say this as someone who agrees with pretty much every other endorsement on this list.

Everyone who is undecided, do our city a favor and vote for Smith over Hardesty.


Loretta Smith has gotten a number of large contributions ($1000 or over) from landlords and developers, so it's no surprise that FlavioSauve wants you to vote for her.


The above link should be;JSESSIONID_ORESTAR=i_uorRibFmdyHf9Zhkau053m2bXpwlPN2_kfl-tZjDbnrZ8SxJWQ!-1434684333


Still doesn't work. Just search for Loretta Smith on OreStar.


Big swing and a miss there, albert. Who do you think built the housing you live in if not a developer? The magic housing fairy? Look at what happens to rent prices in cities with rent control. Try and find a cheap place to live in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or NYC, and then come back to us with the listing, assuming you can figure out how to post a link by then.


BEAUTIFUL (multihuman) pic, Michelle!
Well done!

@5 -- Better do whatever ol' Slobbio tells you, albert.
He's onehella Hall Monitor/ crossing guard.
With a built-in mean streak.

So you can most likely rest assured, any candidate he/she/them
endorses is gonna be his/her/them's kinda Guy.

WE need more Monitors!


@Bobsteets It's awfully optimistic to expect a governor to change the graduation and education statistics of an entire state in 3 years; she hasn't even been governing long enough for a full class to get entirely through high school and you're expecting immediate results? Withholding the education results until after the election is an incredibly wise decision; releasing them now would only serve to muddy the waters of an already controversial election cycle and potentially allow an incredibly regressive candidate to step in to Governorship. Removing Sanctuary Status from Oregon (Measure 105) would disenfranchise thousands of minorities while also creating an incentive for immigrants (illegal or otherwise) to withhold criminal information or even evade the police. Additionally, we don't need executions to return; the death penalty does not actually deter anyone and only forces the victims to live through years of appeals while also running up the budget for the convict; why add them to a list short list when they can die in forgotten in prison. Additionally, his voting record in the House/Senate, while somewhat moderate, is conservative in all the wrong places: gun control, health insurance (as a Doctor, he SHOULD be for the coverage of contraceptives at the very least), education, minimum wage.

/shrug Pass. We already have a selfish prick in the whitehouse for another 2 years, we don't need one in charge here at home, as well.

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