The Future of Trans Healthcare Is in Portland



Wonderful article.

The THP has been a huge help.

When my physician retired I needed to find a new primary care provider, one who would be supportive and knowledgeable about things like HRT. I called THP and they set me up with a clinician at the Richmond clinic, scheduling the appointment for me and setting up some other things for me. I was such a relief.

Having knowledgeable providers is so essential, but so is having ones who are supportive and caring. Frankly, everyone at the Richmond clinic I've interacted with have been wonderful. I am so incredibly grateful.


Excellent and accurate piece of reporting. I've worked with Tobin. I appreciated the fact that it sets the reality of the current state of trans care. Lots of well meaning professionals and a 3 to 5 or even 10 year time lag in the medical profession's ability to catch up to the flood of need/request for medical transition procedures. Thank Goddess that 3-5 to 10 year time lag doesn't apply to BASIC health care (re: OHSU's Richmond Clinic). That's really referring to surgical interventions.