On Shaky Ground

Portland’s At Risk For a Major Oil Spill. Can Fossil Fuel Companies Be Held Accountable?



The City of Portland wants this property. Prime waterfront.
This is the second article that I have read about problems with the talk farms, although in my 69 years in Portland I can’t recall it ever being a subject before.
It’s only a mother of time.


“Matter” of time.
I’m a dork.


If you don't think the risk is real, your head is in the sand.


There are pros and cons to using fossil fuels. I think the environment has been deteriorating due to the continued use of it. However, we are still in transition to using electric vehicles. A lot of vehicles are still running on fuel products. Just recently, I fixed my ATV fuel parts and I have no other choice but to use fuel because electric vehicles can either be too expensive or not yet accessible to many.


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