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The Comedians You Cannot Miss at this Year's Bridgetown Comedy Festival


Dear Andrew, Did you notice how many women actually ARE performing at Bridgetown Comedy Fesitval? Did you notice the top-billed comedian this year was Margaret Cho? I counted 32 women listed on the website, out of 189 performers. I can picture you thinking "hey, there are two kinds of comics: men and women. So I'd better make sure to include both types." Awful. Comparing Phil to Andy Kaufman, again? Telling your readers to check out your intern's comedy, again? It's like you just used last year's Bridgetown Article for half of your profiles. Your editor should buy you a book on how to look for a job, and you won't read it because you're lazy, so you won't get the joke: you're fired for being bad at writing about comedy. Sincerely, Shawn Fleek.
Kristen Schall made a sex book with her boyfriend. Which just seems strange. But every time I see her face now I see the words "The Sexy Book of Sex," I'm not sure this is improving my experience of her humor or not. But her Daily Show blurbs seem that much funnier now.

Tangentially, it reminds me of Amy Sedaris' Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. The combination makes me want to scrub my eye balls with a Brilo pad.

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