Hometown Heroes

tEEth Reps Portland with Home Made


Do YOU even know what the word HERO means?
These (tEEth) are not heroes........
Have you seen other works, beyond this "Nude" work?
If making REALLY Loud Music(?) and being covered in "Slime" and Screaming very loudly AT THE AUDIENCE, and "Drooling" into another persons mouth is NOW considered being a HERO.....I say:
Get a LIFE!!!
How OLD are you?
No one gets covered in slime in "Home Made," Commenter #1 . . . unless you count dancer Noel sweating heavily, and if you do, that's just rude. And there may have been drooling in tEEth's past but there certainly isn't any drool in this show.

The A.W.A.R.D Show was put on by the Joyce Theater and Seattle's On the Boards, Mr. Noah.
tEEth has had a chance or two to jump ship and they haven't taken it. They like Portland they know what it means to break the cycle of losing good things to New York.
"How OLD are you?"
Haven't heard that one in a while.