Experts Critique Portland's Most Famous Public Art

Our Critics Take a Hard Look at Art You See Every Day—from "Portlandia" to "Joan of Arc"


The "Little Prince" piece always reminded me of a basketball hoop - the points maybe being the airwaves created by a ball going through, in a Futurist or Vorticist sense. That's how I related it to its surroundings, the sports area.
This article should have also covered many other pieces around Portland.
I always wondered about "Little Prince." The name makes it less interesting. I assumed it was the statue of liberty's crown, and she'd dropped it, or taken it off or something.
I really like The Quest. It makes me giggle every time I see it. Public art doesn't have to be serious.
I thought "The Little Prince" is to be turned upright when the Blazers win their next championship? This could all be some mythical legend that my Old Portland brain made up, too.
How about the big, colorful, lit calves in the Old Town area? Those are cool. I thought Paul Bunyan was from Minnesota....
I wish someone would explain the "thing" across from Powell's. What is it? Some sort of kitchen utensil-robot hybrid?
More interesting would have been a review of such pieces as those on the transit mall, the strange blocks of stone with spikes by the Memorial Colosseum, anything on the max lines. most of these I can't tell if I should hate them but I do and I would like some solid reasons for doing so.