Feature Jul 26, 2007 at 4:00 am


Dear Dario, it's Mentxu (Kamenjak 95). I apologise to use this means of communication, but with no e-mail address it was the only way I could reach you! I've been trying to find people from Kamenjak for a whilw and this morning I found Nedim Heto on Facebook! There is a group called "Kamenjak" where you can find a few kids and volunteers trying to find people from that time. It was so touching to see them grown up! I hope you and Jasna are happy, you have a nice prava bosanska kafa! I wish you get this message and register on Facebook, you'll make a few friends happy!! All the best, big kiss, Mentxu (Carmen Amigo)
By the way, my e-mail just in case: mentxublue@ yahoo.co.uk
Dear Dario I remmeber those days from the deep o my Heart Sergi Ilya Loppe. Merry Xmas

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