The Best of Enchanted Forest

Inside Oregon's Best (and Most Enchanting) Theme Park


well done!
You aren't the only adults who have gone there alone - although being four adult males probably was a bit creepy, lol.
roger tofte is my freakin' hero! Finding the "self-gratifying squirrel" would make a great task on a scavenger hunt.
Sorry, but your article's more than a bit misleading: the $9.95 is a basic entrance fee. It will only give you access to the really lame little houses and such---which look slightly more impressive than an elementary school play. If you actually want to go on the very few real rides (and I will admit, the log ride's not half bad), you'll pony up considerably more ($31.90 for kids, $32.90 for adults).

When things are run down, broken and filthy, I don't consider them to be "charming", but dangerous and gross. And for the record, Disney's stuff IS handpainted---but also well maintained.

While it's nice that this was Roger Tofte's dream--it's now simply a dreary little park that his family is milking to the bitter end.

Wild Waves in Federal Way is $28.99 per person if you purchase your tickets in advance. While it could do with a bit of sprucing up, it's still a far more impressive theme park for a bit less money.
Zumpie obviously works for Wild Waves and is trying to steal all of Enchanted Forest's potential customers. Nice try zumpie, but you're not fooling me.
It's $9.95 for admission, then 80 cents per ride ticket—each ride is 2-4 tickets. The unlimited ride bracelet is around $30, but there aren't actually enough rides to justify getting it—the log ride, challenge of mondor, and the bobsled will run you a total of 12 or so tickets.
Almost 40 years ago I found myself renting a basement apartment just down the road from the Enchanted Forest. We would drop by. We would often stop by and visit with Roger who was always at work on multiple undertakings. What a great testimony to perseverance. He seemed crazy at the time... and probably is. How satisfying that his hard work is well-recognized today.
I am pleased that you featured an age-old theme park! I grew up going to the enchanted forest and even now that I am 30 I still look forward to traipsing through the 1960s sculptures that have that sweet smell of my grandfather's basement. This year I went only to find out they put new coats of paint on my favorite photo-ops--miss muffett, the pumpkin eaters, etc. But they still have that just-slightly-off charm that they've always had and that I have always loved.

I guess not all of us have the same definition of "charm", do we zumpie? I'd much rather spend my day wandering through a forest full of sculptures some guy built with his hands and bags of cement, that is still well loved so many years later than go to some schmaltzy water park that makes me feel better about not being able to afford to take my family to Disneyland.
Um, zumpie, that sort of IS the point of Enchanted Forest. It's weird, half-assed, filthy, mouse-infested, and gloriously awesome! I can't think of another amusement park that's as packed with thrills and chills (intentional or not). And, the haunted house is just, simply, freaking amazing.
"you'll pony up considerably more ($31.90 for kids, $32.90 for adults)."

Zumpie, talk about misleading! That $32.90 price is for an all-day unlimited ride wrist band. You can buy individual ride tickets for a mere 80 cents. So go soak yer head at Water Waves!
Sorry, but I don't work for Wild Waves (wish I did, watersliding ALL summer long, mmmmm!)---and for lame, filthy and gross, one need only visit Oaks Park. Where there are still more rides.
Yeah, that lady was sure out of it... Four apparent homosexuals attending a family amusement park in mid-summer, sexually objectifying the teenage staff, shouldn't even raise an eyebrow. That lady was just a bigot.
Zumpie, when did your soul die?

This is one of the best Mercury articles of all time. Finally, you use your powers for good rather than evil. Like Mondor.
Road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Much as I love Lincoln, and as much as I treasure my photo of me assassinating him, I miss the animatronic cowboy that used to occupy his place in Tofteville. Whither Johnnie Rio, Toftes?
yeah zumpie, go find a heart and then come back to us.
Johnnie Rio is gone??? I loved Johnnie Rio!!!
By the way, little known tidbit... near the Fort Slide, under the fort there is a very quietly played recording of a conversation between two soldiers, one of whom is afraid to go out and fight the indians. It's frickin' hilarious. You should check it out...
Awesome article. I always loved Enchanted Forest as a kid and each time I visited I was delighted by a new display or ride. It's been nearly a decade now since my last visit and now I want to go back and check out Challenge of Mondor. Maybe I will have to borrow some cousins for a trip so I'm not the creepy old guy by myself at the park.

And as for Wild Waves, I was just there and was disgusted by the number of used band-aids and food wrappers floating in the water, which tasted a bit too salty for my comfort (sweat? urine?). Wild Waves is really more of an amusement park these days (western theme in parts) and no longer has all the cool themed imaginative displays and play areas that Enchanted Forest has.
might I add that the a frisky squirrel isn't the only thing inhabiting snow white's loft? after noticing the tattered condition of bedding and thinking to myself "it looks like a mouse ate that", I noticed the ample amounts of mouse shit everyone. theory proved.
Well, I like Enchanted Forest and find it very nice after all these years. People who have terrible things to say need to lighten up!!!