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You've Been Hit by a Car. Now What?


Portland Urgent Care, located at 42nd and Sandy Blvd (next to the Hollywood Theater) specializes in (along with lots of other stuff), bicycle accidents. Check out their somewhat entertaining website at
Hold the phone- witnesses required by law to give you their info?? If that's true that's a fucked up law. Just because I happen to be standing somewhere when an idiot does something stupid doesn't mean I have to ID myself. The only time I should be legally required to ID myself is if I've committed a crime. And let me tell you- if you press the issue and threaten me with arrest then sudden my memory if the incident might change to a scenario where you were the one at fault. Leave people alone who aren't in your shit.
Jovian - I found out the hard way when I broke my toe that Portland urgent care won't take Oregon health plan. Call around first to save yourself a trip just in case.