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Welcome to the 2015 Bike Issue! Things Have Changed Since Last Year.


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I thought this was a bunch of blah blah blah last week, just like asshat above. Then I rode my bike over the weekend in Richmond and Sunnyside and my perspective changed. I came close to being hit or watched someone in front of me come close to being hit at least a half dozen times by drivers driving in the left lane, speeding around bikes or just rolling through stop signs.

So now there are a few cars in the SE missing side view mirrors. Keep doing it, fellas. You're all very easy to find.
Hey youspeed? asshat... yeah I was almost hit here just south of Burnside and 22nd a year back on my bike, and was nearly hit before in Germany too. Never happened in my biking experience in Japan though.

I reassert, blah blah blah.
u speed, I've seen just as many bikers swerving in and out of traffic, speeding around cars or just rolling through stop signs. Share the road works the same for bikes as it does for cars. Don't drive/bike like an idiot please.
Cars can easily kill bikers, bikes can't easily kill drivers.

This is pretty simple logic, don't be an asshole.
No bicyclists don't kill cars but certainly have no problem injuring pedestrians and the the cyclists in this city are the mist disrespectful counterproductive jackasses I've seen in all the places I've lived. Way to take zero responsibility for your own lives and impact on the community.

BTW when you shut down traffic you shut down public transportation, you know, that service that keeps many cars off the road and makes it easier for you to bike.

And your ableist agenda keeps those Lift buses from getting people to places like dialysis centers.

Way to Keep Portland Ableist.
Go ahead and break people's side view mirrors. Only makes you harder to see

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