Eat Your Vegetables!

Chefs Are Putting Down Pork Belly and Picking up Parsnips


Why would anyone buy products from Sysco?
We'll over 65% of our the produce we distribute is sourced locally.
Helping local farmers get there product to local restaurants that's why.....
Sorry I guess you didn't know that.....
@Susancarey: if you could read without your eyes clouded over by indignant rage, you'd see that McFadden is making that precise point.
What a load of silliness. Sure, eat your veggies, but that does not mean cutting out bacon (or pork belly). I combine veggies and bacon in 3 dishes I offer at my food cart, Bacon PDX. Have you not heard of Paleo Diets? Fats and oils are essential for healthy brain operation, and in other physiological ways, too. Everything moderation and balance, including moderation and balance. As for bacon, read this: