Wheat Is Murder

The Skinny on Portland's Gluten-Free Renaissance 


Well, if a naturopath says it's real...
Ground Breaker Brewing SE 7th and Lincoln: Gluten-free beer and food.

Options are good.
Butterfly Belly on SE 60th & Division has a 100% gluten free menu and is delicious. Even their eggrolls and fried chicken are gluten free.

Brooklyn House on SE Powell is a great gluten free place.

Hawthorne Fish House on SE 44th & Hawthorne is 100% gluten free and has some of the best fried fish in town even if you aren't gluten free. Plus it's a Packers bar.

And I make a killer gluten-free lasagna.
Hmmm. I made a post earlier wondering about the percentage of the population that actually requires this, as opposed to how many people are claiming to need it...
Not posted....
The number of people who suffer from Celiac Disease is about the same as the number of people who suffer from Type-1 Diabetes. Both are autoimmune disorders. But for some reason you never see idiots lambasting diabetics for taking part in the "low sugar fad".
Thank you for this. I used to be a gluten-free eye roller until I ended up with debilitating digestive issues. Doc put me on an elimination diet & wheat was the culprit. Now, without wheat, I have a functioning digestive system and no migraines for the first time since childhood. Why would anyone CHOOSE to give up croissants & bagels?? I just feel grateful to live in such a place where I can eat amazing healthy food (& Ground Breaker stout!)
i think if anything, this also makes a case for organic produce. I don't know much about celiac disease but what are the chances a crop sprayed with a neurotoxin might also affect its human consumer??? while im sure gluten sensitivity is real, im quite positive poison sensitivity is too. good luck in your search for yummy food.
"Low sugar fad?" Where? Sugar is a key health issue for most Americans, not just Type 1 diabetics. It's a major contributor to Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, affecting most people. Much more critical public health problem than celiac, yet refined sugars are found in nearly everything. Check the new nutritional guidelines on reducing sugar. Then just try to avoid refined sugars for even a week or two. It's good to have options for people with a genuine dietary problem. But what I see around gluten is just more food marketing savvy, aimed at creating a widespread perception that wheat is not a healthful food. This article actually talks about being gluten-free as a form of cultural identity. What? Whole grains have been part of the human diet for ages. Overly processed, sweetened foods have not. Bakeries that grind their own flour daily and sell whole-grain loaves would be better for us, not worse.
How to become gluten intolerant:

"for some reason you never see idiots lambasting diabetics for taking part in the "low sugar fad""

Actually, If you look (or listen) for it, you'll find the level of snark and or derisive commentary directed at foul sugar substitutes is quite high. And to add to that there is not a small amount of research which says that not only are they toxic, but that they actually compound the problem that they are attempting to combat.

In your research of the topic you'll probably also discover that the ire directed at people who suffer from a verifiable medical condition such as diabetes is comparable to those who suffer from the actual medical conditionceliac disease.

As opposed to the "10 big macs and small diet coke" and the "gluten makes my aura sluggish" crowd
Great article on the growing gluten-free industry, but I'm a bit shocked that there is absolutely no mention of Gluten Free Gem (GEM) Bakery. They were actually the first gluten-free dedicated bakery in the Portland Area and they are not one to be missed. Anne Miller is the owner and she and her team make a remarkable and delicious array of gluten-free offerings which you can purchase directly from the bakery or from several area grocery stores. It's a real shame they were missed here. They are a true GEM.
From what I read, only 1% of the population has celiac disease....
If this is true, then that makes this 99% fad of the moment.
Hey shit-muffins! A.N.D Cafe is not a gluten free shop. They offer some GF options but since you mention celiac it should be duly noted that cross-contamination is a thing there. So for the actual wheat/gluten intolerant this needs to be mentioned. There are menu items without GF options also. That they're serving what amounts to GMO Playdoe out of a Fisherprice kitchen is a whole other can of gut glue.
Verde Cocina,s 3 locations (plus the Saturday Farmers Market at PSU) are 100% gluten-free, so safe for those with celiac. They are also 100% delicious, so safe for those of us with taste. www.verdecocinamarket.com.
Yeah, I wish you wouldn't lump "gluten free options" in with dedicated gf bakeries as things that make Portland great for Celiacs. It actually makes it REALLY annoying, as my friends and even family members get pissed when I refuse gf options from no -dedicated facilities. As Laughing Planet accurately labels it, those options are "made without wheat" or "made without gluten" but DEFINITELY NOT gluten free and therefore definitely not safe for me as a celiac.