Two Nights at The Gathering

My Summer Vacation with the Juggalos


Gosh, there aren't enough bad things i could say about juggalos, so i won't bother going into long destriptive ajectives here. They're just awful people. I just hate them.

Why would the Merc. cover them? Five years i've been in this city & this is the first time (so far as i've known) that you guys haven't had a cover story at all! Just two pages of photos - lazy? Slow news week?
Wow. A stumble bum bunch o idiots that would be perfect chum in a Piranha movie sequel. Or maybe we can float then in the gulf of mexico to make the oil spill seem not quite as nasty?
At least ICP fan culture is all inclusive...many members are excluded from other parts of society for petty reasons having to do with their physical looks, smell, or weight. What matters is whats inside you. and your loyalty to the family. I say go for it..

MMFCL to you all.

to those who do not understand what MMFCL will never "get it" don't bother trying.
@ crisathome,

It's not about physical looks or even weight (believe it or not, you don't have to be a juggalo skank to be grossly morbidly obese). I can tell you a thing or two about physical appearance & [choosing] whether or not to fit into society's pre-determend roles for certain people.

It really isn't even about a profoundly gutter-shitty taste in what passes for music.

It's the fact that juggalos for some reason think it's nessesary to be the most unbelievebly douchbaggy, skanky, trailer-trashy people on Earth. It's just a band. Anyone who gives THAT much of a shit about a band should be put in an asylum.

And smelling like shit is hardly a "petty" reason to exclude someone, even in a city that seems to frown upon deoderants with chemicals in them.
Magnets? How the f*** do they work?
The guy with the big nug of weed looks alright. Everybody else makes me puke.

Question; what's the difference in a "Juggalo" and a "Ninja"?
Hipsters subtly poking fun at one of the last truly inclusive subcultures? That's like a plate of irony served with a side of jealousy. I bet there was not one fixed-gear bike at this event, and for that, Juggalos get multiple points in my book. Also, no one at Sasquatch has the spine to throw poop at Tila Tequilla. Great job on new, under-reported and relevant front page stories, Merc. This wasn't covered, at all, anywhere else on the internet...
I could be alone, but I think smell is a pretty solid reason to exclude people from society.

If I meet some girl and she smells like the bubonic plague, she is NOT going into my bathroom, bed or laundry disposal chute.
A charming portrait of a curious and misunderstood subculture... built on soda pop, clown makeup, and open-air drug markets. Yes, indeed, the kids are alright.
why is it that all of these photos have already been printed in the Village Voice?
The scariest part? These people are breeders . . .
"The scariest part? These people are breeders . . ."

I know, right! I saw a juggalo couple w/ child at the library just the other week. The dude wasn't too monterous - maybe only 50 or 60 lbs. over-weight. The female though, she was a fucking blubber whale, yuck!
FTW! from Cash in L.A.!

Throw some skanky ICP bitches my way, hell yayees!