It's Your Occupation, Too!

Want to Get Involved in Occupy Portland: Here's a Guide to Getting Started


I love it that you published this. I'm sure people will talk shit, but you've provided a crucial service and taken a courageous stand. Bravo. - Noah
Thanks for putting this out there, I for one hope people come and get involved. Use your voice, everyone, use yourself to help others, these aren't bad things.
Please come get involved.
Visit to get involved!
Thank you Denis for the excellent ongoing coverage. Our local Occupy Wall Street movement appears ready for the long haul. That's good news for the 99%!
Action from TUPAC in assiociation with the Arts & Culture Collective::: Occupy the DREAM! --
In answer to your headline question, I do not want to get involved with Occupy Portland.
@4....this has very little to do with Occupy Wall Street other than the earlier Bank protests....I am utterly sick of Occupy
I'd like to make a correction: The Medical & Wellness Committee does not only focus on supporting marches. We are planning proactive support for health and wellness for the occupy movement as well as our communities. We are volunteer healers, medics, health workers and providers who want to contribute to the health and well-being of everyone we can reach.
Medical & Wellness meets every Sunday afternoon at St. Francis at 2pm. Please join us. Find us on facebook at
Thanks Merc. for making this article. Lots of great info. provided. I certainly plan on attending!
I feel you missed the huge contribution that Social Media has had! Combined we have over 22000 followers and that is worth a mention. Who would know about the Livestream if those of us in Social Media didn't tell so many?
Other than that, good article.
I've griped about Occupy Portland in the past, but this looks like a positive evolution. I can't attend, but I hope it goes well.
I attended last night as well. The panel discussion on non-violent tactics was great. Even though it's all being held inside a catholic church, the entire vibe was quite welcoming.

This is a good sign of maturity for this movement.
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