The Nothing Eaters

How Floating in a Sensory-Deprivation Tank Made Me Feel... Well... Nothing.



This is possibly the most perfect written description of a float experience I've ever read! Thank you for giving me something to pass along to my friends to supplement my own experience when they ask why I enjoyed it so much.

Of particular note at Float On: their volunteer program. For those unable to spend $40-$60 on something so holistically therapeutic and amazing, you can volunteer there to earn floats. Bartering to heal...novel and brilliant. I hope their earnings can continue to support this program.

Thank you again - GREAT ARTICLE!
Excellent article, and captures the experience very well. When I first started reading about floating, I knew it was something I absolutely had to try. And once I did, I knew I needed it to be a regular part of my life. Basking in absolute nothingness is a wonderful experience and extremely therapeutic both mentally and physically. Thanks to the volunteer program at Float On, I've been able to float pretty often, and it's helped the stress-level in my life dramatically. Floating is absolutely wonderful.
I want to try it....however I get flashes of a certain film......probably nothing to worry about. It would be a little weird for me...but I am intrigued. Good article.
I don't need to stop drinking, or stop smoking, or lose a bunch of weight, or drown out any demons in my head...and I'd frankly be really scared to try anything that might alter my mind! Jesus! Eff that!