The Future of Male Contraception

Come on, Science! It Can't Be That Hard to Cockblock.


Hmm, a pill that stops sperm production and increases libido? Yeah that'd never sell...

Also, googling "mail order gandarusa" right now. Heeey ladies.
Great articles all around this month, and well timed! My only gripe is the line in this piece, "if men had to bear equal responsibility for the outcome of a pregnancy". Come on, do we really need this divisive nonsense? Children need fathers as well as mothers, and most men are ready & willing to step up to the challenge.
Contraception for men has already been trialled successfully but not rolled out. It has been proven to be fully effective, last nearly a decade and the single injection costs less than the syringe cost.

I believe that contraception should be an equal duty and men need more choice, that is why I urge everyone to please sign this petition:​en-GB/petitions/​nhs-government-allow-male-c​ontraceptives-equal-respon​sibility-for-both-genders