Quaking Communications

Oregon's Telecoms Aren't Preparing for the Big One


Ah, I've been wondering where Doom and Gloom Nathan has been lately.
Another earthquake article! I thought this had been beaten like a dead horse last year. Well here are a few more disaster scenarios you have not covered. 1) Giant tsunami. I don't think I need to explain this one. 2) Big ass asteroid hits. In which case your I phone service will be the least of your worries because a near impact will result in sudden biblical disaster death. 3)Invasion by way of either the Northern or Southern border. Unlikely, but who knows these days.4) US military tests new secret weapon and fucks everything up. You never know with those guys. 5) Aliens land! Will they take out the cell towers, create giant farm animals or shove a fire hose up yer azz? Who knows, they are aliens!
Good article and obviously communication would be very important but it is not that hard to set up a basic network. There are a whole fucking host of issues a little more pressing if this ever occurs.
Mesh network to the nearest functioning landline.
Let's just rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic. Why do you morons still live in Portland? There's only 3 good months of weather per year, anyway. You like spending every holiday season in the freezing rain with the power lines down? Then you'll love the pending 9.2.
Whoah! Get ready lo fire up the old longline system!! YEEEHAWWW!