The Identity Thief

How One Woman Gamed the State Government—Again and Again


"Lewis, it would transpire, had stolen the card."

Good piece, but not surprising to me. It is shockingly easy to trick the state, or buy fake greed cards, ID's, DHS cards etc. This person should be receiving mental help, not that it would prevent this but there are clear issues
Wow, this has to be the most ignorant person written about in this paper since The Great Sunnyside Window Massacre of October 2008
@The Showstopper - Why, exactly, does it transpire that Gangstabitch Catalya needs mental help? It sounds like she has her shit together pretty well, mentally, though she perhaps lives by a different moral code than that to which you are accustomed.
@Hank, you mean besides a diagnosis of bipolar and some evidence that she slips between realities pretty readily, not to mention problems holding down a stable "normal" job? This person really clearly needs help, and her existence is not simply a symptom of some lax or overworked state agencies, but also of a systemic problem with both treatment and recognition of mental illness in the state of Oregon.
@phizzi - Where are you getting she is bipolar? The same court records that have kept a serial identify thief out of jail? Or are you the type of liberal that has an excuse ready for everyone that fucks their own life up?
Bold moves...but like the investigator said: Everyone gets caught eventually. And with getting caught is paying back every dollar that was given to her erroneously. I don't think we should make getting benefits more difficult for everyone because of the incredibly small percentage of fraudsters like this woman.
Also, who let this woman borrow her baby?
Hank, do you feel that to be normal behavior? Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of either, a large percentage of out population deal with various conditions (likely myself included)
Why are you guys making excuses for this person? See, this is why I don't run with bipolar lunatics- Every last one of 'em is a stupid dipshit schemin' to take my money. Fuck that, this bitch can pay my arts tax.
Look at her mugshots on pdx mugshots! Also, people with the last name Lewis are pretty interesting as far as arrest records. No offense if that's your last name. It's a common one.