Overrated Portland

Save Yourself Time and Trouble


Pretty much true except for the "micro restaurant" comment. Absolutely ridiculous assertion. Who can argue with variety and supporting small local establishments? The Zipper is especially cool, with a great bar and some awesome food options.
There's a typo at the end of the Multnomah Falls section- "See Free Lpove.)"
You forgot Voodoo Donuts
forgot Rogue -- terrible brewery that is rude to their employees
Also, never go to Jimmy Johns (in Portland, Salem, wherever!). That guy is a big game hunting rapist douche.
She's lying about Horsetail Falls. Nobody go there, mkay?
Sure the Acropolis is overrated at dinner; that's why you go for breakfast.
No waterfall on earth is crawling with people before 7am. Just saying.
I fail to see the point of this 'article'. Is it satire?
I/d forgotten what a good rain was like until yesterday.
I think it takes a NOT so special breed of person to voluntarily stand in a long line for something. They are the followers and not the creators. In fact anyone you see standing in line is just another sheep who flocked here to pay high rent and stand in line. These people are the reason mundane capitalist crap persists. If you can put a face on the circle jerk between consumer crap and consumer drones, then look no further than any face yo see standing out in front of Por que No.
Here's something that might freak you out. I'm from here born and raised, then my parents moved me down to Northern California, and then I moved back home. Does that explode your head or what?
Please people Portland sucks, don't move here. As a matter of fact Move Away. We don't want you here. Leave the rain, the mountains, the beaches, the restaurants, and the rain, mud festivals to the barbarians. I WISH !!!