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VOTE! Because the May 20 Election Is a Big One

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Bailey has been a leader and proponent in two disastrous issues that disqualify him from ever getting my vote.

He was the first donor to fund the PRO fluoride PAC and he led the charge to build the Columbia River Crossing. A wasted and unnecessary effort that cost our state over $200 million when all was said and done.

I'll be voting for Brian Wilson.
I'm humbled by the endorsement. If folks want to get involved:

FB Page:

Twitter: @CalebforCouncil


To volunteer:…

To donate (self imposed $50 per person contribution limit):…

For a lawn sign or other info:
Vote No on the new water district. Vote against any career politician for any position if you want a chance to clear the water district of corruption.
I don't know anything about NCaleb, other than what I just skimmed at his linked website, above, but I say give him one term. He can't be as bad as what we've had, because nobody has tried to bribe him, YET. That being said, if you raise the minimum wage, jobs will be lost, and illegals will replace those fired, by working under the table. How much do YOU want to pay for a Big Mac?
Caleb: true you got a club foot? might be missing the vote on a feel good campaign there. Donors could get the Caleb Club button. (you know, pic of your foot and all).
The Mercury isn't going to weigh in on the titanic Wehby-Conger race?
I am Joe Rowe, vote for me in North Portland and St John's ( House District 44)

Why do I want in? Universal Health Care, and cutting out massive tax breaks for greedy corporations who control our lawmakers.

Newspapers endorsed my opponent because of her "institutional support". That comes out to 1.4 Billion in corporate support.

Lawmakers are giving over a billion endorsements to these institutions. Correction... that's taxpayer money. Here is the list of recent Oregon gifts to corporations, to which my opponent answers she is just keeping the status quo

here is the detailed list of 1.4 billion

here is the interview of me and my opponent who justifies these handouts.

Vote for universal health care candidates! That's me, Joe Rowe

Do not vote for trickle down economics, that's current lawmakers
Will Universal Health Care, nullify O'bamass' care?
I wanted to reply to "Fred Upton"'s comment to a couple different things. I don't work for or speak for N. Caleb. In fact, I haven't even voted yet and am still researching what I'm doing so it's still up in the air. Francesconi also is for a raised min wage. BTW. "Fred" asks the question "How much do you want to pay for your Big Mac?" which while gross (and I've no idea how much McD's is for anything), is a valid question. Let me direct you to a youtube video for an idea on that:

Also, and kind of off topic, but it took down your creditability a little - Fred used the phrase "illegals" which is highly offense. Sickeningly so. The correct phrase is "undocumented" - no human being is illegal.
Oh, please do forgive me, Spokesy. What I meant to say was, 'Honored undocumented guest job seekers who don't steal cars or sell meth." Walmart employees ought to move to China for a better job and so should Walmart's customers, like the Amish.
Yes the Big Pipe was a necessary project, but it's ironic to talk about misleading information when you claim that building new water reservoirs is required by the federal government. We were already granted a variance on the EPA LT2 water treatment rule, and the reservoir covering decision was passed on to the Oregon Health Authority. The OHA's faulty science was not challenged by the City. Here's how they should have responded:…

And here's why they didn't (hint: Charlie Hales gets $$$ from HDR Engineering):…

Yes it's true that the PPWD proposal isn't perfect, but with the impending disconnection of our open reservoirs and destruction of Mt Tabor trees -- all completely unnecessary and a tragedy of our democracy -- it's urgent that *something* be done to counter the status quo of corruption and cronyism within our city government.
Congratulations Nick Caleb on landing the Mercury's coveted "Jesse Cornett Death Kiss" endorsement.

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