Mercury staff Jul 28, 2011 at 4:00 am

Your Favorite Restaurants, Retail, Nightlife, And More!


OK, I approve of almost all of this, except:

How did Brass Tacks sandwiches make the list, considering they opened like two weeks ago?
Meh. While I anticipated it, I'm a little disheartened at how reader demographic-centric the picks were. I often wish papers who do guides like this would do a little outreach outside of their comfort zones to gain a little perspective and have a little more well-rounded a "city" guide.

That said, it's a good where-to-go-what-to-do guide for anyone in inner pdx who is young, white, and has some money.
@Amazonfemme.....exactly. That is who the publication caters too. You also could say hipsters/artists (and ppl who think they are)/, etc. Anyway, there are few surprises (the bike route thing was good) except how did Chin Yen make the list? It appears way more young people are going there, why I don't know. Really average Chinese food (quality is questionable) of which I have heard a few gastronomic misadventures. Maybe if you order in the lounge, in which case you are probably hammered and it won't matter
i know from experience that bill howell as a massage therapist is choice!
This sort of thing is really just for advertisers, right? I don't mean that cynically.
Over 50% of content was ads...
Cat &Beard, the would explain The Red Light Exchange ....wait, no it does'nt. It just proves that it is the N#1 hipster clothing store. Where DO they find those 70's and 80's concert shirts in XS anyway? not that I could fit in to them
Best restaurant in PDX is 7-11.. mmmm Chili nacho hot dogs!!
Best bar in town.. Plaid Pantry.. You can chug a 16oz PBR before they even know your in the store.
Best food cart... Any of them at closing time.. Gotta get rid of the food or throw it away.
Best porn shop. The Black Duffel Bag in my closet.
Best nature walk.. from my house to Plaid pantry to chug a 16 oz PBR before they even know i'm in the store.
shall I go on ??
I for one tend to hate things that are popular and trendy. Thanks for letting me know which places to stay away from.

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