Auction Winner Bill Bradbury: Get to Know Him!

A Personal Look at the Man Who May Be Our Next Governor


You mention that both Bradbury and Kitzhaber supported 66 and 67, this may be true but Bradbury actually worked/promoted and even canvassed for the measures while Kitzhaber was astonishingly silent.
Kithaber making the decision to sign on Mark Weiner on the campaign was the deal anyone paying attention, Weiner is the essence of anti-grassroots and anti-democracy in this state. All three at City Hall who are completely out of touch with mainstream Portlanders were guided and campaigns orchestrated by him. Mayor Adams, who should be indicted on criminal charges, both Leonard and Saltzman. If we could prove their criminal misconduct would be indicted on charges as well.
Bradbury is a true crusader of Oregonians and the next Governor of the State.